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Abell, Matt14c13.6c3
Ali, Amjed20c20.0c3
Allan, Richard11c10.8c2
Allan, Stephen18c18.3c3
Allen, Clive  9c9.4c2
Allen, Paul  9c9.1c2
Allen, Ray2828.04
Armiger, Michael William26c25.6c4
Armstrong, Daniel15c15.2c3
Ashworth, William26c25.9c4
Astley, David24c24.1c4
Atherton, William15c14.6c3
Atty, John21c21.4c4
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A ball may be played as it lies with the following exceptions: 1. if the ball lies within areas that have been marked with GUR white lines 2. if the ball is within a reseeded area of fairway on the 13th, 17th or 18th hole and lying on a clearly damaged spot, with playing partner consent it may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches, no nearer the hole